Welcome to Neumo UK Ltd

Neumo UK Ltd is a well known and trusted source of stainless steel products that are specifically selected for the dairy, food, beverage, biogas, water, pharmaceutical & biotech industries.

Alongside the UK’s most comprehensive stock of hygienic & industrial tubes, fittings, flanges, sheet, bars & RHS sections, we are pleased to announce that our customers can now access the full range of AWH manufactured products including valves & tank cleaning equipment.

Neumo UK Ltd is 100% owned by AWH (Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH). AWH is a long established company and its German manufactured products are recognized worldwide for quality and reliability which conform to the latest industry specifications.
(AWH brochures now added to our website www.awh.eu).

Being a member of the NEUMO-Ehrenberg Group we have only one thing in mind, namely process integrity at the customer’s site. Our vision is to help our customers make products which are as perfect as possible.